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Meet Our Team

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As a licensed massage therapist and instructor, skilled in myofascial release therapy, medical massage, and pain management, I found myself dealing with chronic pain after a cycling accident with few options to find sustainable treatment and relief. I knew there had to be a better way to utilize therapies rather than settling for prescription drugs and their side effects. I wanted relief that would not only ease my pain but calm my mind and relax my body as well.

I created Revival Float Spa because I wanted to offer clients an alternative for relaxation, pain, and stress relief with a focus on living a healthier lifestyle. Different than other spas, our team of experts developed a customized approach to treatment uniquely focusing on a holistic approach to wellness and floatation therapy so each guest feels well cared for and trust they are getting the right options for their individual needs. We do this in a way that is luxurious, hygienic, and so peaceful that our clients can't help but leave our facility feeling truly REVIVED.

From the beginning, I knew that Revival Float Spa would be the kind of business model built for expansion so that more communities could reap the benefits of our unique variety of services. That's precisely why we offer our franchise opportunity to driven, like-minded individuals who want to bring stress relief and rejuvenation to people's lives and who want to bring growth and opportunity to their careers and futures. If this sounds like a direction you would like to explore, let's talk more about the Revival Float Spa franchise program.

Peace and Tranquility,
Joshua Reyes
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Small blue flower icon with petals going in different directions.

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